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At the core

So, like I said, I am rewatching old anime I had converted to PSP format. Mostly Mushishi by now (I am attempting to convert Tiger&Bunny but for some reason some episodes don't agree with the converter). I must say Mushishi (fan made intro) gotta be one of my favourite anime/manga. I love legends and supernatural stuff to begin with (like xxxHOLiC, for example) and this anime has a touch of science and mystery while being set in old time Japan (except Ginko dresses like a westerner) so it's very interesting. Add to them the very good animation quality and, yup, very nice anime and a definite change from your regular anime type. The OST is also nice and creepy.

For regular anime type of shounen or shoujo action there is Tiger&Bunny. It might appear too trashy at first (I know it did to me) but there is a deeper meaning to it and I believe the viewer can relate to many of the characters' troubles. Despite being super heroes every character has very realistic problems that makes them all the more humane. I hear they are making a movie and I have heard rumors of a second season. It feels like a small eternity since I watched this and definitely not just last year.

And I hear they are making a remake of Sailor Moon. Not sure how I feel about that since it's an anime series I grew up with. Doesn't really have much meaning now as it did when I was a kid but now there are some serious hardcore fans of the manga too (which I never read). I'm usually not very fond of remakes, though. We shall see. I did watch some seasons in Japanese on Youtube back in the day when they didn't delete things by copyright claim.
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