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I am certain some (if not all) of you are familiar with that warm fuzzy feeling that makes you want to throw a piece of equipment out the window. In my case my target is my...secular printer, which won't stop printing test pages every time I turn the power on. Because clearly HP cartridges are so cheap it can waste ink like that >_>; Just gdiaf. It's refusing to print anything else atm. Hm, I wonder if college admin will believe in me not paying the first part of my fees because my printer held them hostage xD Hey it would be a peculiar story for sure! (I'm certain they've heard their share of nice stories).

Hm speaking of college, utter madness starts in 2 weeks and I still haven't managed to buy my bookshelf. I was eying one earlier today but I thought it was expensive (plus it was all badly assembled at the store. I know those aren't meant for the customers and are just a sample but, heck, they could put some effort into making it look nice, no?)

I'm back to listening to Nightwish, it seems. Their songs were with me during college years (well, a lot of musics were since I always loved music). I've taken to listening to OSTs at work on Youtube (bless random playlists). The one from Evangelion 2.0 is nice, with some added chorus that remind me of Bleach. I only now watched the most recent movies of Evangelion (back to mega angst series, yeah). I thought it was some nice remakes with some extra added scenes. I like how they didn't update the looks of the series much (except for that shiny blue angel that had some extra nice effects) and it still looks like a 90's anime, yep. Although I do notice in some of the voices (like Asuka's) how the voice cast have aged, understandably. I expect it feels odd when you hear older voices in characters that still have the same age (hey, fictional). I really noticed it in Yuna in Dissidia.

Heyh, non-work related post =)
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