Kyrie (laifan) wrote,

Liv update

Finally took Liv to the vet. Yes, it took this long to persuade dad. That and it was the third time she developed this insistent cough, so enough was enough. The doctor was rather nice. Gave her only the shot against kennel cough cuz it's the only safe vaccine they can administrate when an animal is sick (and we're not sure if she is or not.) Her temperature was stable and she didn't have any other symptoms. We're to administrate some antibiotics (hah it's gonna be a show) just in case there are any parasites in her lungs. They tested her for heart parasites and she's clean of those (thank goodness.) I'm also to give her some meds for regular digestive tract parasites. Damned buggers. We're to return in a month to check her overall health and to get her her other vaccines. Overall it wasn't that expensive at all. In fact, I think it was cheaper than a person going to a clinic these days... And she behaved really well, even if she was getting impatient by the end of it. Such a good, smart girl.
Tags: doggie, liv, pets, real life, vet
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