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I totally forgot Game of Thrones season 2 had debuted! Heh guess who's obtaining all epis through dubious means Heck, I hardly recall how season 1 had ended but guess that's what recaps are for. I'd rewatch it again but I am very lazy to convert all those video files to my ps3. Maybe I'll manage to get the files directly in mp4 already.

George RR Martin, the author of the books, was in Portugal recently. Not sure if he's still around. I'd almost finished book one I think until he killed off one of my fav characters (story of my life) and I sulked forever against reading more. But of course that's a secret only you and I know of xD My 'public' reason has to be a lot more valid than that xDDD All I know is that a few select fans of the books were apparently raging at him for being here and not writing more. Poor guy xD;
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