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At your Door

So...after several months (a year, really) I finall watched Six Feet Under finale. I must say, wow. I am speechless. Never before has any type of ending on TV or otherwise (screw Titanic, that crap did nothing for me) has hit me so hard.

So in the is to be expected from that kind of show for everyone to die. That is the one truth one has: everybody dies. The show deals with this in such a fantastic way, though. Definitely bittersweet too. You can die alone but there is always someone waiting on the other side.

Yeah, that really hit hard...I do not need any help to get depressive, I do that fine on my own, show >_<

I still stand it is a great series to study in-depth, for those that study American Culture.

Well. Have some music here. New album from that Portuguese singer, David Fonseca. He sings mostly in English, you'd never guess the man isn't native speaker (at least I don't detect any obvious accent). This album's called Seasons Falling - it's a companion to the one editted in March, Seasons Rising. Overall more contemplative and more emotional. This is one of my favourites from it.

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