Kyrie (laifan) wrote,

Ring of Fayth

So, went to watch The Hobbit today. I'd read the book earlier this year. I can't quite say if they followed it faithfully (most likely they added a few things as there was at least ine character I did not remember and some scenes I wasn't expecting.)

And just like that my TLoR fangirl is back. Never managed to read the books, but I do have every nice long fic stored away to read in the PSP. Mostly of the Aragorn Legolas and Gimly friendship type (this is one fandom I cannot stand slash ships in), but others also include the fellowship. So, if anyone would like to rec some nice long fics that respect characterization, this is your chance! *grins*

Some of my favourite authors include LegolassQ, Evergreene and Thundera Tiger just so you have an idea of what I like. Thundera Tiger's While the Ring Went South is a particularly good story that follows the fellowship in the first leg of their journey.

Back to The Hobbit, I don't wanna spoil anyone but I can't quite help but share the amazing ending song.

Tags: fandom, lord of the rings, music, sharing is caring, tolkien
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